Mushroom season

Mushroom season Like every year, with the autumn arrives the mushroom (or “bolets” as they are called in Majorcan) picking season. This activity is increasingly popular in the Balearic Islands. It is not only important to know the difference between edible mushrooms and poisonous ones, but also to not damage the mushrooms habitats so that…



Autumn in Majorca

Autumn in Majorca Despite the magnificent temperatures and the wonderful sunny days we are still enjoying, the autumn has arrived. With occasional showers and a slight drop in temperatures the change of season is making itself noticeable. Gone are the high summer temperatures of recent months. Although the long days on the beach and the…



Monnaber Nou Video

Monnaber Nou Video

Don’t miss this spectacular video with aerial shots of the Monnaber Nou hotel and its surroundings. It shows a bird’s-eye view of the beautiful landscapes of our estate and the Tramuntana mountain range, our facilities, pools, tennis courts, gardens, terraces, ind mils, fields.




Oktoberfest 2013

Oktoberfest 2013 The Oktoberfest has become an annual festivity in the Majorcan event calendar. This year in Majorca there will even be 4 different versions of the famous traditional beer festival that has it origin in Munich: one in Santa Ponsa from the 10th until the 20th October, in Palma, in the Parc de Sa…



Majorcan Donkey

Majorcan Donkey The Majorcan donkey is an endangered autochthonous species that comes from the Catalan donkey. It is between 1’40 and 1’50 m tall and has a docile character. In recent years their breeding is being incentivized through subsidies, among other reasons because by feeding on weeds they help to keep the forests clean, reducing…



Beaches in Majorca

Beaches in Majorca Majorca is known for its many beautiful beaches and coves, which are one of the island’s main attractions. Beach lovers can choose between approximately wonderful 208 beaches and coves, from large and busy beaches to small secluded coves. Close to the rural hotel Monnaber Nou, for example, are the beaches of Alcudia…