Oktoberfest 2015

Oktoberfest 2015   The Oktoberfest has become an annual festivity in the Majorcan event calendar. This year in Majorca there will even be 4 different versions of the famous traditional beer festival that has it origin in Munich: one in Santa Ponsa from the 10th until the 20th October, in Palma, in the Parc de…



Sant Miguel Campanet

This week the town hall of Campanet has organised the holidays of Sant Miguel, there are many activities like having diner together on the Square of Campanet. There are also sport activities and dancing at the square. We recommend this activities to our guests, so they can see the typicial spanish things in the nearest…



Autumn Majorca

Autumn in Majorca Despite the magnificent temperatures and the wonderful sunny days we are still enjoying, the autumn has arrived. With occasional showers and a slight drop in temperatures the change of season is making itself noticeable. Gone are the high summer temperatures of recent months. Although the long days on the beach and the…



Beaches Mallorca

One of the reasons that Mallorca is so popular, is of the choice of so many beaches. Mallorca counts over more then 155 beaches and most of the beaches with white sand and clearblue water of the sea. Monnaber Nou is in the countryside of the island, but the nearest beaches are really a visit…


san vicente

Cala sant Vicenç, Mallorca

With these hot temperatures on the Island, the best thing to do is enjoy the pool, are going out to visit one of the beautiful beaches of Majorca. Just 15 minutes from the hotel Monnaber Nou, in the middle of the mountains there is one wunderfull beach called Cala sant Vicenç and it´s really worth…


Sin título

Sant Victoria 2015 Campanet

One of the best celebrations of Campanet is next week the SANT VICTORIA.


A lot of activities for young and old, you can say it is the Summer Carnaval.

It´s a really nice party to visit during your stay at Monnaber Nou, so you will see the Spanish people celebrating, with their habits.